AOM |Issue 3| 2018


Meena Sediqi| “Balenciaga”

Editor: Drew B. David

© 2018 AOM contributors

 C O N T E N T S |  I S S U E  3


Poetry|&|The Uncategorizable

Blaize Dicus | One Poem |+|John M. Bennett | Five Poems

Michael Tussler| Two Poems|+|Heath Brougher |Five Poems

Bob Katrin| Five Poems|+|Josh T. Jordan| One Poem

Ryan Quinn Flanagan| Four Poems|+|Robert Beveridge |Four Poems

Joel Chace | Five Poems|+| Joe Balaz |Three Poems & Visual

Douglas Jones | Five Poems|+|L. Friedman | Two Poems

Dale Jensen| Four Poems|+|Logan K. Young |One Piece

Mark Young| Five Poems|+|Michael Basinski |Five Poems

Mike Ferguson |One Redacted Poem|+|Mike Maggio| Three Poems

Michael Mallen| Four Poems|+| JohnJeffire| Five Poems

Dan Sicoli | Four Poems|+|  Michael Estabrook | Five Poems

Steve Dalachinsky & Jim Leftwich | Four Poems

Howie Good| Five Poems|+|Jeff Crouch | Two Poems

David Koehn| Six Pieces|+|Sacha Archer |Excerpt from a work



Fabio Sassi|Four Visuals|+|Frank Roger|Five Vispos

Roberto Scala| Five Vispos|+|Nichola Orlick | Two Pieces of Mail Art

 Dai Coelacanth| One Visual |+|Fátima Queiroz |Five Pieces of Typewriter Art

Mark Young| Four Visuals|+|Michelangelo Mayo | Five Visuals 

Daniele Virgilio| Two Visuals|+| Mauro Cesari | Five Visuals

Daniel De Culla | Two Visuals

James Fowler |One Visual|+| Rik| One Visual

Vile Plumage|Two Visuals |+|Meena Sediqi |One Visual

Thomas M. Cassidy & John M. Bennett |Four Visuals

RCBz| One Piece|+|David Baptiste Chirot | Six Visuals | Five Visuals

Jack Williams|Three Concrete Poems|+|R. Keith| Eight Vispos

Laura Ortiz| One Asemic Poem|+| Bill DiMichele|Five Visuals


Visual Series

Jeff Bagato|Works from the “Gonch Project”|Gonchlog| All Gonch



Lance Mason| Short Story: “Heritage”


New Media

L. Brown| One Gif


*|All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.|