L Friedman


Miss Dada Sells Out And Finally Reads The Headlines

NEW DEMOCRATIC FACTOR: chief Western government
anxious, spies destroyed. Suffer! Newspapers, NIPPON,
cyclotrons, American centuries! NEW! Influential
communists (Russian) everywhere. BIG conflict; war – atomic.
The country’s ideas continued. Japanese said, “JAPANESE!
Democratic! Japanese!” Fear. Rights wanted: bulwark the rights?
Probably stifled, afraid. Encroachment, control. Afraid.
Men, Japan, the telegram. Women, men said, “War, industrial
war, against Russia. Bloodshed. Gain? Energy.” He saw
States – rather, construction. WOMEN: heavy and drawn.
Japanese women with new opinions try fact, power, former
prejudices, and casualties. More than that, woman and
husband, the women, the men – taking, shaping the hate
of the women. Chattel. Tokyo! She, afraid. Japanese,
industrial, Manchuria, American. The troops! Politics!
Today: themselves the States. Korea! Women hate success.
Russians are peaceful. Women, opinion, Japanese.
The war is big, isolated.



Miss Dada Goes to Church and Prays for the Eternal Damnation of Poets

Her chastity: Portuguese. Under furies giant,
Beatrice, trampling diplomatically – Beatrice:
saint! “Toledo, Saint Paul, saints of bronze, of
Portugal, bouquets in habits,” proclaimed Beatrice,

mistaken nun, holy she. Beatrice, liberty, basilica.
Laziness girl-like. Lady-in-waiting whose vestments –
popularity. Other queen. Saint Beatrice, seated.
City: a Roman. The born girl’s canonization. Nun!

The holy Bernini’s sisters-queen ceremonial
provoked the fifteenth-century dignity. Spain:
a death, living yesterday. King of more canonizing,
including, mocking, always. Queen throne, rule

her with modesty! The unbearable cloistered
conception, dead gifts, Pope vice-filled! Beauty:
church ceremonial through society – rite, altar,
applauded flowers. Years: two. His Portuguese Castile,

royal to a throne with the Catholic sisters. Pontiff
young Beatrice! Praying women, Silva in birds, cured.
Envious Pope, rule is the wine-mitre! One beauty,
blessed with forgotten bread; blessed the Pope-girl-saint.

The name? Saint Jealous. Testimony, canopy. St Beatrice
suffocated. Diseases, court, days, family, St John!
Time up! To the VATICAN: mass-conception of the
Pope; a queen, innocent. Rediscover Isabella!

Jealousy for honesty, beauty wife-rites, whose
young white convent-basilica – caged.





L Friedman is a writer of poetry and prose, a student of history, and a devotee of the Gothic and the Shakespearean. In 2017, they finished high school and simultaneously earned an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts; they’re currently working on transferring to a four-year college for a B.A. in History. They live in New England and can be reached by howling into the void – or, more reliably, at www.crookedbutinteresting.wordpress.com