Vile Plumage

“The Spider-Like Thing”

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“Web of the Eel Lady”





Says Vile Plumage:

“Vile Plumage is a collective consisting of Duke Burnett and Peter ‘Bunny’ Cropwell , with occasional input from the ‘Burselm Community Radio Players’.

We live in an area called The Burselm. Every Sunday we trudge around the streets, sometimes sheltering in Bingo Hall doorways. Always with the record button pushed firmly down. Sound & vision is transferred directly, MAGICALLY to tape.

Our antiquated ideas on footwear and hats leaves us with unsolved crimes unsolved forever. There has been an incident. In the house. In the street. And it affects us all. The vibration summons the beast, the spider-like thing that lives in the corner. One million eyes filled with lust. Lust for crime. Lust for murder.”