Logan K. Young








“Thus, despite the expenditure of a great deal of energy, the utterance of a great many words, cancellation has occurred in both cases and meaning is deliberately nullified.” — Stan Fogel, Palinodes and Palindromes

To paraphrase a Monsieur Kramp, aussi, the factorial of a non-negative word m, denoted by m!, is the product of all positive words less than or equal to m. Thus, à la Chaucer, Robbe-Grillet or even Joe Heller (cartoonist, not author), my Palin Ode here presents all 24 possible permutations—via full-court palindrome, too—of a favored campaign trail imperative from the now 45th President of the United States. From what sounds like an arcane, vaguely pagan incantation of an archaic, decidedly un-American culture his followers would love to hate (or, ya know, just a routine word salad tossed by the 9th Governor of Alaska, herself) to the four-word panegyric we’ve since come to expect, it’s a reflexive, recursive rebuke—less teleological demagoguery, more “sad” legerdemain.




Logan K. Young’s I(<3)U!: A Factorial Chapbook is out now via T(W)E(L)V(E)! BOOKS. A summer student of Thurston Moore at Naropa’s Kerouac School, he’s since been published everywhere from Jacket2 to 3:AM to AT&T’s On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences and anthologized as far flung as That Devil Music: Best Rock Writing (Excitable Press), An Anthology of Asemic Handwriting (Uitgeverij) and Library of the Printed Web, Vol. 3.