Mike Maggio

In Vogue

Her scandalous past was
revealed cheating at last again
just a week after completing sex

The chemistry took a private
turn, a short jump, landing her into
a hornet’s nest of hominid hanky

I have come to treat this like an
elusive family member, she said. Here
I am an Asian but not the right

Affected by obesity every organ
impacted by obesity a double
standard approved by right wing extremists
imprimatured by white ring extremist

So she took to Twitter. She cradled
an adorable baby while canoeing.
She hung unflinchingly with
a handsome, blond-haired
man –

huge, brave, not your
typical scribble-scrabble not
your usual mish-mash. It
was no ordinary family

There was the customary dilation. There were
feats of unbridled abortion. There was
contraction and extraction and through it
all a relationship that appeared and disappeare

Which leads me to my impoverished
shape: my naked heart, my
25-year old matter of sacred amuse

We don’t need more bakeries. We don’t
need more bread and pastry. We
don’t need more mini-burgers and galas

We need soup. We need organ
ic, seasonal foods. We need bowls
of raisins seasoned with recycled

We need a vogue moment
in which to advocate
a word for evaluating



Let’s face it:
history wasn’t made
in a rear view mirror.

For example: husbands, kids, nail polish, shoes.
Statistically, you’ll need to go back.
Twice, as a matter of fact.

So we’ve made it easier.
We’ve made it bigger, better
more memorable, completely satisfactory.

We’ve made it thicker, stronger, longer lasting:
to deliver the desired results
to be smoother, more titillating, most confidential.

To enhance the desired fragrance.
To keep one of your hottest body parts smelling fresh.
To love in New York without that hot garbage smell.

or not

Let’s face it
herstory wasn’t made
in a stained glass window

So put sex on your to-do list.
Seduction guaranteed.
Try it on us. For us. With us.

You’ll receive the following benefits:
specialized consequences
the truth customized for you.

So go ahead, give it a shot.
Because some couples live
to love dangerously.






Says Mike Maggio:

“My publication credits include fiction, poetry, reviews and travel in The Montserrat Review, Nebo, Potomac Review, The Northern Virginia Review, Pleiades, Apalachee Quarterly, The L.A. Weekly, The Washington CityPaper,  VOL. NO MAGAZINE, Gypsy, Pig Iron, DC Poets Against the War, and many others. My full-length publications include a collection of short stories entitled Sifting Through the Madness (Xlibris, Inc, 2001), a chapbook of poetry entitled Oranges From Palestine (Mardi Gras Press, 1996), a full-length collection of poetry entitled deMOCKracy, (Plain View Press, 2007), and a collection of short fiction, The Keepers (March Street Press, 2011). My novel, The Wizard and the White House (Little Feather Books) was published in Fall 2014, and a newest poetry collection, Garden of Rain (Aldrich Press), was released in May 2015. My novella, The Appointment (Vine Leave Press), was just released this past May.”