Meena Sediqi







Says Meena Sediqi:

“I’m from Sydney Australia. I create digital collage artwork using different software’s and share my work on Instagram, I go by the name of @meenahome

The theme that revolves around Meena Home is to keep culture and history from war-torn countries alive. The media portrays a different side of war-torn countries and mainly has the spotlight on rebel groups. I create a distinct side one that creates a nostalgic effect of lost history, culture and architecture.

On each artwork I add a trait of my personal interests. A few that could be identified are, political figures, fashion and different calligraphy formats.

The inspiration for my theme came from my trip to Afghanistan in 2010, I was expecting to see everything the media had portrayed from dry-land with barbaric people. Instead it was the complete opposite.

From everything I had witnessed, I was touched by the hope that my people maintained for better days.”