Blaize Dicus


The headline read: TEACHER TOUCHES STUDENT. But Mr. Hobbs is a germaphobe—sixth hour proved that with a drawer full of cockroaches and peanut butter. Video too graphic for TV. Recorded in a ten second snappage of a thirty year career. Mrs. Hobbs didn’t believe the girl. Them. The colony who felt their budding Cs deserved As when they were too focused on the QB’s D to write a “Perfect Paragraph.” But pose a porno—they could accomplish that. A sub for the next three months meant worksheets for them. And a bullet to the head would be tomorrow’s “Morning Joe Bradley” sixty second skinny. Mr. Hobbs was photoshopped out of the faculty photo. His portrait sat on an easel next to a six foot hole. Mrs. Hobbs sobbed into a black handkerchief. On Monday the girls got detention for their less-than-fingertip-length shorts.






Blaize Dicus  is a graduate student at the University of Central Oklahoma. His thesis questions genre by melding prose and poetry to tell one narrative that explores the influence of internal and external forces on identity.