Mira Martin-Parker



It can perform an incredible range of tasks

boiled cabbage

It can get stock prices, currency and price conversions, and check the weather

pitbulls, dirty bedding

It can read your email and text messages to you and let you respond,
all by voice

beans on toast

You don’t even have to hold it to your hand

two cigs, a forty

Just press the volume button to snap a photo

crunchy hair, a military knapsack

You can fire up the camera right from the lock screen

a shopping cart

Apple will periodically upgrade the brain

a place to poop



pop it in the tank, bubby, the driver doesn’t mind

plastic cups and paper clips, made in China, the driver doesn’t mind

a motor bike, explosives, the driver doesn’t mind

a militant, collateral damage

a swimming pool, plastic toys, the driver doesn’t mind

hips like butter, a body donut wide, the driver doesn’t mind

a trimmed lawn, a Buick Cavalcade (the driver needs lots of room and safety)

4 militants, an AK 47

a ticky tacky in Tracy, a mortgage with Wells Fargo

collateral damage (a 2-year-old boy and his mother)

pink bottoms, pink plastic sandals, a butter-bottomed wife

a freedom fighter, plastic limbs

a flat screen

looting, surface to air, enhanced

an Ikea couch

a Kalashnikov, an IED

fried calimari, soda, soft seats

an entire village

bacon, bread, juice boxes, just open and squeeze, the driver doesn’t mind

Chrysler, Apple, Dell

Al Jazeera

a school yard

crack cocaine, healthcare

Sara Palin, Safeway, fresh local wild salmon

Fukushima, the Federal Reserve, the driver

the Israeli High Fivers

Tony Blair, armored military vehicles, the driver

curry paste, flooding, the driver, hurricanes, the UN, the driver, the driver

Trader Joes, Twitter, the driver, Facebook, a Pakistani government official

Disney Land, a drone attack, the driver, the driver, the driver,

he doesn’t mind,

he really doesn’t mind


troublemmm new





Mira Martin-Parker earned an MFA in creative writing at San Francisco State University. Her work has appeared in various publications, including the Istanbul Literary Review, North Dakota Quarterly, Mythium, and Zyzzyva. Her collection of short stories, The Carpet Merchant’s Daughter, won the 2013 Five [Quarterly] e-chapbook competition.