AOM |Issue 2| 2018

SonnetforNamJunePaik (1) coverMark Staniforth| “Sonnet for Nam June Paik”

Editor: Drew B. David

© 2018 AOM contributors

 C O N T E N T S |  I S S U E  2 


D.S. West|  “The Artistic Process Behind Glitch Painting”| Four Pieces

Michael Prihoda |“An Expedition in Condensational Poetry”


Artist Spotlight

David Baptiste Chirot | Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV


Poetry|&|The Uncategorizable

Anonymous |Hypertext Poem|+|Richard A. Jones| Five Poems

Grant Clauser| One Poem|+|Dylan Sonderman | One Poem

Adam Levon Brown|Five Poems|+|J Rodgers | One Poem

Dave Love X |Five Poems|+|Joseph Reich| Five Poems|+|Aaron Kent| Three Poems

Mira Martin-Parker| Four Poems|+|Michael Estabrook| Five Poems

Mark Young | Five Poems|+|– Rus Khomutoff | One Poem |+|Jeff Bagato | One Poem

Guinotte Wise| Two Poems|+|Adrian Slonaker | Three Poems

Paul Smith | Five Pieces |+|Colin James| One Poem|+|Richard Allen| Two Poems

John M. Bennett| One Poem|+|Richard Weaver | Five Poems

Brent Canle | One Piece |+|Wilna Panagos| One Piece

Stacey Allam & John M. Bennett |One Poem|+|Luke Roe | Five Poems

Jack Westmore | Three Poems|+|John L. Gronbeck-Tedesco | One Poem

James Fowler | Three Poems |+|Clay Thistleton |Found Poem

 Sanjeev Sethi | Five Poems |+| Korey Wallace |Two Poems

r. miller | One Poem|+|Yuan Changming| One Poem|+|Audrey Rhys | One Poem

Veronica Lupinacci | Two Poems |+| Ivars Balkits | Five Poems

Ed Higgins| Three Poems|+|Stephen Butler |Five Pieces |+|Joe Balaz | Two Poems

Richard Weaver | Five Poems|+| Nathan Moore | Five Poems

 Howie Good | One Prose Poem|+| William Nesbitt | One Poem

Patrick Cahill| Five Collage Poems |+|Patrick Cole | One Poem

John Sibley Williams | Five Poems|+|Joseph Buehler | Five Poems

Benjamin L. Perez| Five Poems|+| Maria Stadnicka | Four Poems

G. Adacor| Four Poems|+|Gerry Fabian | Three Poems

Tiffany Sciacca| One Poem|+|Tessa Beebout |One Poem

Nathan Hassall| Five Poems|+|Jonel Abellanosa | Four Poems

Kristie Russette| Four Pieces|+| Kenneth L. Levine | One Piece

JBMulligan| Five Poems|+|Daniel Pravda | Four Poems

Volodymyr Biliyk| Four Poems|+|Richard Atwood | One Poem

Bud R. Berkich| One Poem|+|John Wojtowicz |Four Poems|+|B.J. Best | Five Poems

J. Paul Dutterer| Five Poems|+|Timothy Dodd | Five Poems

Nicholas Rega|Three Poems|+|Larry O. Dean |Four Poems

Gerard Sarnat| Three Poems|+|Steve Timm |Four Pieces

Doug Bolling| Four Poems|+|Heidi Seaborn | Four Poems

Elmer Omar Pizo| Two Poems|+|Erric Emerson | Six Pieces



Bradley VanDeventer| “Blackmarket Manna”

Ted Hayden| “Corporate Structure”

Ben Miller (w/artist Dale Williams) | “it all melts down to this”: excerpt from a work

James McAdams | “138 Responses to Obamacare”



Doren Robbins|Three Collages|+|Heather LewisFive Photographs

Jeff Bagato | Six Vispos |+| Richard Baldasty | Five Collages

Mark Staniforth|Three Sonnets |+|RF Cote| One Collage

Csaba Pál| Three Vispos |+| Ivars Balkits | Five Drawings

Federico Federici|Five Visuals |+|Hiromi Suzuki| Five Vispos

Miguel Jimenez| Four Pieces of Mail Art|+|Dawn Wardrope| Nine Visuals

Georgia Grigoriadou|Five Visuals & Art in a Box|+|Alex Nodopaka| Five Visuals

Bill Wolak|Ten Collages|+|Glenn Cooper| Five Collages

Daniel De Culla| Five Visuals|+|Ben Balas| Five “Tape Transfer” Collages

P. Petrovic| One Visual|+|Richard Kostelanetz | Two Visuals

 O Mayeux| One Visual|+|Rennie Gaither| Two Vispos

John M. Bennett | Two Vispos|+|Gregg Williard| Two Graphic Narratives

Richard Vyse| Four Visuals |+|Dimithry Victor | One Visual

Michelangelo Mayo | Five Visuals |+| Joe Balaz | One Visual

Jessica Myscofski| Three Photographs |+|L. Brown | Three Visuals

Janys Oliveira| One Visual|+|Alex Limarev| Five Visuals

Josh Huitz | Five Digital Photographs|+|Christine Stoddard | One Visual


Visual Series*

Susan April| Selections from “Through a Bottle”

Bastien Conus | A series of scans: “The Drawer’s Drawings”

Heike Sackman| Selections from “Headless But Happy”


Experimental Film|New Media 

Chad Edison Ritchie| “Darkest Emerald”: a film

Matt Dennison | “Quadrant”

Joseph Patrick Pascale| “Žižek’s Memory”: a digital short story

Mark Staniforth| Sound Sonnet #1

Jessy Randall | Four Animations


*|All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.|