Michelangelo Mayo




“calculate the entropy”



“dry dreams”



“fear of the afterlife”



“feed the belly”





Says Michelangelo Mayo:

Fractured images and directionless drawings have fascinated me lately. The synthesis of compartmentalized small doodles and abrupt textures with randomized color schemes to make a composition deepened my compositions into a narrative filled with many stories and points of views. Moreover, I have also incorporated my fondness of “indie” music as I listened to my favorite new Spotify bands like Alvvays, The Wild Ones, Lola Marsh, War On Drugs etc. as I worked on my pieces. I have found that the shifting moods of the music and lyrics very insightful, guiding my thoughts to a poetic journey and to indescribable psychological places. I have attempted to capture these images that profoundly polluted my senses during my sessions.