Larry O. Dean

Mr. Pointy |PDF


America Is Running Out of Bomb-sniffing Dogs

We’ve never figured out how to plan
ahead. We expect something
to always stay there, then one day
it doesn’t. So they put out bowls
of Bully Max®, Pedigree®, American
Journey Chicken & Sweet Potato
Recipe Grain-Free Dry® nuggets
along highways and roadsides,
waiting for packs of famished pooches
to come running. Even then, there
would still be semesters of schooling,
training to detect delicate bouquets
of explosives and detonation devices,
the kinds of everyday materials
common canine noses would miss
or dismiss when eclipsed by the sudden
introduction of newfangled submissive butts.


Crazy Sex Pills

You will have an excellent erection
excellenter than all other erections

the most superlativest of erections
ever in the recorded history of erections

even though this is not a contest between erections
all of us can rest assured and sleep safe with our erections

everyone can have and hold onto erections
we can be proud to call erections

veritable textbook definitions of erections
and at the same time, new frontiers in erections

the Vasco Núñez de Balboa of erections
Lewis & Clark or Amerigo Vespucci of erections

erections in search of other erections
for the sake of comprehending and conquering erections

semantic satiation might make all erections
essentially meaningless but if I say erection

erection erection erection, erection, erection, erection
it does not diminish the inherent being of my erection

………even if verbal repetition repeatedly arouses
a specific neural pattern that corresponds with “erection”

or more specifically, the meaning of the word erection
rending it nonsensical, void, a void, avoid erection

as a psychological phenomenon, let the corporeal erection
be the real erection in a world overrun with fake erections

the correction of erection should mitigate against erection
insurrection, deflection, or inspection for legit erections

it is well settled that the definition of an erection
………is I know one when I see one.


Still Life with Marco Rubio

White sharkfin teeth
sunshine stater
dry mouthed water grabber
tweeter of Proverbs
and dream reactor

the heckled and screamed at
constituent avoider
Bombay canary in a coalmine

awkward Ivanka hugger
and Syrian striker

Pensacola beach privatizer
Jacksonville and Tampa
Bay office vacater
Orlando die-in ignorer
Miami Dolphin jeerleader






Larry O. Dean was born and raised in Flint, Michigan. His numerous books include Activities of Daily Living (2017), Brief Nudity (2013), Basic Cable Couplets (2012), abbrev (2011), About the Author (2011), and I Am Spam (2004). He is also an acclaimed singer-songwriter whose latest solo album is Good Grief (2015); the sophomore album from his band, The Injured Parties, is due in 2018. For more info, go to