Georgia Grigoriadou

Art in a Box 

The collages below are part of Georgia Grigoriadou’s Art in a Box project.

From the Art in a Box website:

“Art in a box is an exchange art box with 20 participant artists. Every participant creates 20 pieces of art on paper size maximum 15×21, signed and numbered. Every participant gets one box with 20 artworks. There is a small participation fee to cover the postal cost.All media are accepted includes poetry, painting, collages, short stories, book arts, etchings, photography and mixed media works, and whatever fits in such a box (16x21x3).”


collages artinabox1 (1)



collages artinabox1 (3)



collages artinabox1 (4)



collages artinabox1 (13)



collages artinabox1 (16)



Georgia Grigoriadou is a founding member of artist group TeeToTuM, organizing several mail-art exhibitions, art projects and symposiums. In the last few years, she has been involved in printing, digital art and installations. She has participated in group exhibitions in Greece, Holland, Bangladesh, France, Argentina, Serbia, Brazil, Denmark, Egypt, Serbia, United States, Colombia, Hungary, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Nepal, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey.