G. Adacor

layers 4

the knife I stab with is the one
I also use for buttering the bread
the clothes are resting on golden fences
I wash myself in your mornings
gjhdius fpilooghbxvs
the hatching word
with one eye laughing and another screwing
look the evening has come
the dirty cat jumps from my lap
through my ribs
it curls up and purrs
maybe a nightmare maybe an outside memory
or a poem by Milligan
if it’s Thursday



layers6 (1) 2






G. Adacor is a 29 year old poet, children story writer and visual artist from Ploiești, Romania. He has been working as an editor, translator, illustrator and English teacher. His poems, prose and visual art were published in several magazines from Romania, but also in Otholits (Australia) and The New Postliterate (U.S.). Last year a visual poem by Marian Neguțu was selected for a collective exhibition in Cordoba, Mexic. Two children books he wrote in Romanian were accepted by two publishing houses and will appear this winter.