Colin James

The Vicegerent Ventriloquist

Now screening all applicants
through a Bork-Echelon test.
A single vine hangs centered.
Running for impetus is advised
then leaping over the culpable hedonist.
One may position a chair
if absolutely necessary
and skip the first seventeen insults.
The coach is not without tact
his frame active particulars.
A chandelier is theoretically reachable
by swinging thus it’s manageable.
Weight is gluttonous in turns, sets.
Maggots from a book’s binding
sucked with the aid of a straw
are the best reciprocation.
You’ve passed, miraculously.
Laurels, my arse.




Colin James was born in the north of England near Chester. He has chapbooks of poems, Resisting Probability from Sagging Meniscus Press, and A Thoroughness Not Deprived of Absurdity from Pskis Porch Press.  A book of poems is forthcoming from Wundor Editions.