Bill DiMichele

Five visuals. One Poem.


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heart on the right
because i knew a shade
exhumed from a summertime
followed the quest down
through the radio dimming
echoes of stone
ashes from the furnace
one’s a felony, the other
a cloudburst.


it starts with nothing
star maps
and far distant cantatas
in the womb of the world
earlier searches have failed
pointing to birth defects
and snowdomes.
the pathologist in his post mortem
to interpret and compare
see me breathing god and


a pall over thou heaven
i see steady pepper,
the blast furnace spewing
and loathsome
a solid wheel counting martyrs
then all at the same time
they drop.


light saying
greedy terrain
cherubs late already
when you die, sang magdelena
yet the wall continues
referring to duration.


objects are events
shadows like uniforms
image appears- i see myself
calling it time.
between the potential and the actual
world or world
we’re forced to recreate
every goddamn heavenly body owing.




Bill DiMichele is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  He attended Bucknell University  with a degree in Fine Arts in 1974. He was coeditor of SCORE from 1982-1990. He is currently the editor of TIP OF THE KNIFE. He is an abstract painter, sculptor, visual poet and graffiti artist.

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