AOM |Issue 1| 2017

Jeff Bagato | video still

Editor: Drew B. David

© 2017 AOM contributors

C O N T E N T S |  I S S U E   1

Editor’s Comment

 Drew B. David On Dogma and Conceptualism

 Featured Essay

Mark StaniforthFirst Find Your Island: The Quest for a Mega-Subjective Space


Gale Acuff | Four Poems

Meeah Williams | Five Poems

Mark Goodwin | Four Poems

Howie Good | Three Prose Poems

Jennifer Budke | Flarf

Daniel Y. Harris | Excerpts from a work

Mark Kohut | Twitter Flash Fiction

Kevin Thurston | Two Works

Michael Basinski | A “Performance” Poem

Arvo Steinberg | Collage Poem

Joe Balaz | Two Poems

Mark Young | Four Poems

Bill DiMichele | One Poem

Sacha Archer | Excerpt from a work



Georgia Grigoriadou | Three Visuals...|+|..Jeff Bagato | Five Vispos

RCBz | Seven Pieces..|+|..Andrew Topel | Five Collages

Horst Tress | Two Visuals..|+|..Honoria Starbuck | One Visual 

Sacha Archer | Four Photographs..|+|..Mark Young | Four Visuals

Angela Caporaso | Four Visuals..|+|..Luc Fierens |  Five Collages

Rupert Mallin | Four Visuals..|+|..Carlyle Baker | Five Visuals

Andre Pace | Seven Visuals..|+|..Bill DiMichele Five Visuals

Rupert Loydell | Three Visuals..|+|..Predrag Kovacic | One Visual

Joey Patrickt | Three Visuals..|+|..Michael Lindgren | Four Prints

Michelangelo Mayo | Two Mixed Media Pieces..|+|..Jonathan Johnson | Four Visuals

Joe Balaz | One Visual..|+|..Sean Braune | Two Vispos


Visual Series*

Dave Drayton |“Beaux Pres(id)ents” 

Daniel de Culla“Gigantes Y Gigantillos

Amanda Earl |Selections from “Exodus, The Vispo Bible”

Rebecca Eddy | Selections from “Score Poetry”

Marco Giovenale | Glitch Series | One | Two | Three

Zein Mufthihati | Visual poetry inspired by Dayak songs

Michael Prihoda | Typewriter visuals | “Your Week”: a hypertext visual short story

*|All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.|