William Rector

pol man


You’re an American

You should be proud.
You should be ashamed
of being so proud!
There’s no need to shout.
Everyone knows who you are.
Driving a car as big as an ark,
towing a cabin cruiser
just in case.
You’re an American.
And yet you’re not.
You’re divided against yourself.
A union of opposites.
A stripe of blue, a stripe of red.
You’re an outsider inside
the borders of your skin.
You’ve got a strong constitution,
yet you’re sick inside.
You declared your independence
from what required it
and put it up for bid.
You treasure resentment.
It’s all that’s left.
Interest that grows and grows!
Exponentially when business slows!
You’re an American.
Enjoy it while it lasts.




William Rector has published widely in familiar journals and have several chapbooks and a full-length collection out.