Pedro Joaquim Borges

For Early Spring (Para o Início da Primavera) [i,ii,iii]

Two birds question the brevity of spring as it flourishes.The Sun can be one of the loudest non-sounds. Just as its light comes in and out of a cloud, you hear it changing all things. So if one day this early spring were to end, maybe we’d first experience an intense summer. Only then could things and their connections dry, wilt and fall.


Pedro Joaquim Borges’ collections of sounds reveal a fascination for materiality and affect between bodies, spaces and places. The composer’s works exploit field recording, physics, anthropology and architecture as musical materials, warping the lines of expression through music and sound. Growing up in the small island of Madeira and having to move along with his studies led him to develop an emotional bond with places and spaces, carefully depicted in his music.