Paul Perilli


Heft about an hour ago
Coming out foe one that day
Clam and focused on his manuscript
In his own elfish way

In his mote room
Two bocks off Central Square
Seemed the prefect spot
To get his fir share

Air-conditioning and teeming radiators
Indigenous names on their sings
It was all knew to us
For the pat two weeks

Ups of strong tea
After the games wee over
It gores on for several moments
For the foreseeable suture

Roost a chicken on it
All the cocks are synchronized
Proper up on two pillows
They don’t teem eye to eye

Pigeons flapping their wigs
It scars the shit out of him
So he took a sic day
He don it on a whim

We can spit a million
Picking the winners and looters
Parrot on a stand in the coroner
He felt an infinity with this

Could use my pace at any time
Just enough for a weak
What mot people’s lives
She put me at east

A forceful snack on my back
It was the kid of a thing to do
Used her as a modal for a class
She didn’t have nay shoes

Way up there in the tanking
Aspire that rises above everything
When man exploits manna
As if it was a fiat accompli


Wit family members
See how it is for meow
A hundred expectant feces
Joint us in the here and now

In the mourning paper
He stooped on a dime
Brining the information
Got there in planet of time

A fresh coast of paint
I spooked sugar in it
Guess didn’t tell their hosts
They just too kit

Doves and pained peace signs
Shared a carton of friend clams
Ran a tongue between her hips
We ha dour plans

We would void the interstate
A pile of male was unopened
Cars trolled past in both directions
To loosen out backs and torsos

A tone of money
An agreeable sediment
Had a goof brunch
Like I jut said

Her big tow
Hair a lot loner
Butt I’m not sure
Ears later he was a goner

Near the sore of Lake Superior
One of the moist exotic cities
Saw myself in a palace
With the backpacks and tenets

On their basketball tram
Until the time I go tout
Spent my precious ash
On a lass of stout

Back and froth talk
Overt at my place
A lie filled with joy
Right toe your face


“My recent work has appeared or is forthcoming in bioStories, The Transnational, The Satirist, Coldnoon, Litro, Intima, Numero Ciinq, Taj Mahal Review, Thema, The Offbeat, Wanderlust, Blue Collar Review and The Blotter.

My fiction ‘Summary Report to the Committee’ appears in Overland’s False Documents issue. My story ‘Orwell’s Year’ is just out as a chapbook from Blue Cubicle Press.”