Grace Yannotta

on writing

i want to write but i’m not
exactly sure what to write and

i have no ideas

what would i like to write about

m.s. says to write the way certain lyrics
feel but i have no ideas

i am shit at plot

you know what i want to do?
write letters to people.
you know what i can’t do?

write letters to people

i have run out of stamps

how many bildungsromans are too many bildungsromans,
i ask as i read through
the fourteen bildungsromans i have sitting in my drafts

maybe something about growing up in the age of the

growing out

maybe i’m just projecting

the worst part about this is
over the past year and a half and
all the tumultuousness of it i’ve had
so many ideas
and so many vignettes purposely saved for




walking back from st stella’s having
an allergic breakdown
in the streetlight with lil
sitting in a depressed circle and feeling
the opposite of depressed

maybe i should submit this

maybe i use maybe too much

we’re not writing anymore
i’m writing by myself

i read that article
all that advice about
short story writing
don’t send it off right as you finish it, he says
and i continue to crave finishing shit so i
can send it out right now




Says Grace Yannotta:

“I am currently in my senior year of high school in North Carolina. I’m an aspiring author and an aspiring historian and an aspiring a lot of things. I don’t have any awards or publications to note at the moment but I write constantly, avidly, with a preference for character-based interactions.”