Daniel F. Bradley

Creepy Autocorrects from Congress

This will all be a loudspeaker of work
I know.
But if you’re dissatisfied with the empty poets
you see touted as fresh and new – if you want
to work to make a pogrom relevant
to the two hundred Millionaire
Americans who read


The 21 Fragrances That Will Haunt Your Dreams

can’t stop
pinned to the last
molded facets


Magenta Panther

Among many other putsches
she is also a hippie megalith
roomful with serious pointers critiquing
and encouraging one another.
This is but one of many spacesuits
which he taunts
for possible canoes
to give podcast reappraisals
and intoxicants


And Wings Should Lie

I’m willing to set-up for less
but witch it
were a choke
Dressed in lint
But lapel cannot be appropriated
Because it is perpetually incomplete
Not enough whoopass in your lifetime?
Then us for another rowboat
Of royalty of the Drool & Walk
The happy housemen
That Whoops Assailant




Says Daniel F. Bradley:

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