Allison Guenette

An Estimation

20 hints for what I am thinking:
19 % identify other
ethnicity, pronouns:
zi, qi, hex, chu,
rex, marn, vusudu, knil,
18 million a part of sigma ki
and send resources
to rape culture
millions of false accusations
of sexual assault,
17 parties of “bleeding hearts”,
16 super pacs
of  NRA/Nixon/Reagan/Trump/Trumans
copy and pasted,
1 in 15 poets are in love and
aren’t loved back,
we give them a pack
of Turkish Royals and lobotomys, only
14 obese people,
but each weighs
13,000 tons
measured in Mickey D’s nugs
and Mellow Yellow shortbreads,
12 trillion fail to kill themselves
with dog collars
and spinning desk chairs,
their wives watch
and fake getting off approximately
11 times,
10 children carry jesus
in their backpacks,
9, a gun,
they all rise again,
8/7 of all newspapers
were once trees
and now confetti, the other
6/5 are slander,
4% of other’s words
are heard
3% are considered,
2,000 trees are walking sticks
so the Studkeys from Wisconsin
can enjoy a family hike,
1 family dinner
contains no processed elements,
just traces of methamphetamines,
pig squeels, and malt liquors,
0% of America
is “real fruit juice”.


Allison Guenette is a Creative Writing student at Iowa State University. Her poetry is inspired by Absurdism, Transcendentalism, Modernism, and Beat movements.  Guenette’s poetry is quintessentially American and unapologetic.