Tessa Beebout


Cup of Wind

would you believe it, Though,
if i told you There was accursed lament somewhere Locked inside of this child,
A bomb shelter from dandelions And the rot in the Air eating away at my Lungs?
it’s impossible you say,
But there’s the whisper of A tree and the song Of a silent wish.
turn Back to the old bottles The gypsy
down the lane Would give us, tossing
them Down into the sea and Watching them
shatter into the Smallest of white lies we Began to tell with age.
There’s this world around us, All beaten and worn down From centuries of
war and Bloodstained fibs.
so we’ll keep Telling sleepy jokes on the Playground.
we’ll keep dancing with Pools of rain.
keep the Me buried inside of myself And focus on this campfire Still smoking




Says Tessa Beebout:

I currently reside in North Idaho. I am a Junior in High School but am currently enrolled full-time in a local junior college. I expect to graduate High School with an A.A. degree. I enjoy writing and playing jazz pieces on my bass.