Steve Timm

From Rule of Composition: Poems Written to the Cecil Taylor Feel Trio’s 2 Ts for a lovely T, Listen 7

From Steve Timm:

“Rule of Composition is an experiential work. That is, it is an attempt to reproduce in sound generable by the human mouth in loose accordance with the ‘rules’ of English phonology through the use of English words, parts of English words, portmanteaus and neologisms, my experience of listening to the music recorded by the Cecil Taylor Feel trio, 2 Ts for a Lovely T.  Each part, or poem, of this work, does not, therefore, have any discernible meaning in the commonly understood sense of that concept. The meaning lies in the experience itself—the experience is the meaning.”


6 “Proxumal (Nearest)”PDF

7 “Tellurian (Pertaining to Earth or its Inhabitants)”PDF

8 “Alumo”PDF

9 “Tayassus Pecari”PDF

10 “Peat”PDF




Says Steve Timm:

I have published three books of poems, This’s That  (Thee Press, 2016) and with BlazeVox, Un storia (2010) and Disparity (2006).