Sage Marshall


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Dragon Dreams

Dragon dreams of dream’s
dragons. Dragon breathes of be and being.
Dragon moves of movement flapping sapping
lapping. Dragon digs of digging daughter
dipping dreaming. Dragon knows of knowing
needing nodding. Dragon sings of singers singing
sung songs unsinging. Dragon lives in Honahlee.
Dragon lives in trees and bees and seas. Dragon
dreams of dream; dreams dream of dragon
queens and bees and seas
seas and we, we sing of dragons dreaming
drowsing crying. Crying dragons don’t cry.
Crying dragons don’t bleed or bleed in dream.
Dragon dreams are dreaming always dreaming only dreaming.


Moon Ink

Reverberant rush
river unfolds
valley outstretched and around me
fall to my knees
reverent hush
forest of trees
reverberant green and the sky
peal out a petal
drop it in blue & watch
the cloud bleed

Why are we here if not
for each other?
Why do we dream if not
for each other?

The shore here is the same shore
sure is & pulsing with the moon
the sea & horizon
beyond, always seeking beyond
stand at the shore and
push against it
see if you can move it
to the middle
where the moon
& the reflection are one
with the tides.

In desert
pine trees praying
yucca bursting
sand growing
sage melting
& the cactus is full
full & full of juice
reverberant green.

Beat the word
beat beat beat the word
Reverberant reverberate sea see sea
too violent we are
with our words
Let long murmurs purr
Let mud pour
dunes deep dunes
let the word be God
& stop saying God.
There are names
but we don’t know them.

Undress in the olive desert sea
wade in the sand dive
in me. I bask in black clam day
dream in diagrams and diadems and diaphragms
the glitter glass glowing the gloaming
& morning falls, not rises
not a spiral
a breath.
not a dagger,
a dream.

When you lose the phrase
find something else &
believe in beyond
be yond
do you?

Is searching
falling? Tumbling sloping
hillsides long grass ever green
blue jeans
stained with sap
chrysalis of word that never
undergoes metamorphosis
it is
what it is
without the butterfly.

Fig tree umbrella leaves
sloping fruit red red many seed
sit in shade
the sun is the earth no glare here
no glaring
eyes loving, not looking, loving
gaze gaze gaze
the surface
ripples ebbs sways bows
Daphne was always
the laurel.

Shade ghost shade double
shade deft dark
white light against yellow
streaming tears and
history haunts the haunters
& the moon beneath us
the dunes above
are not made of sand.

Paradise is in the ground
Hell doesn’t exist
take all the fruit
in this garden
we will grow
more and more and more
bulging stomachs bursting apricot
skin sticky dripping with juice drying
this is the dessert is
the desert is
the sea is
seen &
is forgiven.

That doesn’t mean I was never wrong
wringed ruin when ruination
was rumination
ripping up and out &
I am sorry.

But the moon is untouched
don’t believe them
the moon is
the volta the crescent the full the
new the old
reflection doesn’t move backwards,
but gazes past
the glare. The center unseen
ever inward
too far. Don’t lie
lie down
watch the sky
sea stars.

The second coming
bleeding will stop
seas let out &
nobody will thirst
we’ll dwell in the fruit red red
seeds where the shade is
& the word glows God
& the reverent hush
& the reverberant rush
& the desert & sea & me & we
are one &



God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you
God, we forgive you




Unwriting the sun
unknowing the breath
unmeaning the future
unfeeling the dream
unseeing the sea
unsowing the boat
unsinging the prayer
unwilling the doubt
unbelieving the believers
unspooling the knot
untelling the told
undoing the dead
undreaming the living
untilling the past.




Sage Marshall is from the small mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. He is a writer and poet who studies English at Wesleyan University. He is the founder and editor of Reverberations Mag, a digital publication for young people to respond to art.