Richard Atwood

The Real Housewives  of Lower Mentalia

We are rich,
we have big boobs
—got them wholesale
with the crate of botox
in the package deal
with the pool…
……(made of glass, naturally
……and real dolphins mosaic-ed
…….into the sides).
Hubby does the chubby
numbers in the stock market,
and Antonio, the divine,
you should see him with
(oh, those pecs, oh, those abs)
when he mows the lawn
— nipples bare
in a “hot” pink thong.
But Alfredo is all the cool,
looks a little like Tricky Martin
and sings like Alice Wooper;
I swear we almost lost the label
on that one, until he came up
with a new wig on how to cross
a pit bull with the neighbor’s cat.
Now we have poodles and oodles,
and kids who wish we were dead
(so they could inherit), but
quite frankly a new gazebo
three feet taller than the Taj Mahal
is really all I want
for my birthday
… and someone who will last
a very long time (no belly, not bald)
at Baccarat, or the sleep number…

with no April fool on the side.




Born in Baltimore, Richard Atwood has lived in Los Angeles and Denver; currently in Wichita, Kansas. He has published three books of poetry: descriptions/reviews/awards are available on Amazon. He has also been published in several literary journals; authored 3 screenplays and 2 large stage plays; and has currently finished writing a 180,000 word m/m erotic fantasy novel, with a GOT ambiance; and sometimes volunteers in little theater. Rick is basically retired (from the health-care field), and remains alone, with still more poems unsorted in the closet.