Michael Basinski

Nootesings so |PDF







Three Burpee Limericks

of the snake sugar snap tart hybride
brute loose head crisp texture red luttuce
resolute soul garlic
productive she spoke web
grapelike clusters of sweeties petite

huge this nude high heirloom breed beefsteak
vines only for soups in hot netting
at any size pickle brush
great burpless cucumber
flesh tomato cloud brick red seized dark

symbolic scarlet symbiosis
crisp skin and film Viking big bakers
oblong and firm parsnip
fairly form big peppers
balm circle skin gossamer onion



Poem in 8 parts

babble, bang, bark, blare, blow, boom, burst, buzz




Michael Basinski lives in Buffalo, New York. Recent publications include Lot Sa Nots O http://xexoxial.org/is/lots_sa_nots_o/by/michael_basinski and with his wife Combings http://www.redfoxpress.com/dada-basinski2.html His poems have recently appeared in Dispatches from the Poetry Wars, Fell Swoop, and Volt, and in The Canary Islands Connection: 60 Contemporary American Poets.