Kevin Thurston


Instructions: use the various conjunctions below as you see fit. In my initial idea for the piece, it is used to express the hesitant love a performer has for the audience. Examples:

“i love you as far as X is concerned”

“i love you because ________”

“i love you but ________”

“i love you yet ________”

A after although and as as far as as how as if as long as as soon as as though as well as

B because before both but

E either even if even though

F for

H how however

I if if only in case in order that

N neither nor now

O once only or

P provided

R rather than

S since so so that

T than that though till

U unless until

W when whenever where whereas wherever whether while

Y yet



inversion piece

instructions: go upside down on a wall, repeat until arms give out: 

Go heels over head, 

head over heels is dead





Kevin Thurston is a writer living in Buffalo, New York. Along with illustrator Mickey Harmon, he wrote* Color Me White (trade edition: One Percent Press; coloring book: BlazeVox). Recent work can also be found in the Peach Mag Season 1 Yearbook.


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