Heath Brougher


Account of a Necessary Sonic Mutation

Man’s central experiment is a tune—
attended to by other ears
in whole or Van Gogh style this is important—
complaint stretched over the central man
struck by sand and glass—a night owl with pneumonia—
attuned to my asymmetry—
this evolution will sing
as it Spirals asymmetrical discordance—
that thrown and crystallized will sing screeching sonics!—
and my animal will be born
to feast upon the earworthy pangs
still reverberating throughout the rooms of the world.




Snip snap
shot of spit
angelican spitsoup
snotten spirit
and the foul
rush of cold wind
tearing at the mind.



Foggy Sphere

Mellifluous posh churned in the bathtub tangerine trees
floating tropical plush headache a dusk hush falls over
the foreheads furrowed and phsychotic
sapling mind I open third eye copasetic cohesiveness
unsparkly even in the darkly we purify on purple bones
toss velvet upon the pills smoother down they go
wrapped one resource a trade for Evelin the three-legged horse
trot on top pop shot empty Cosmonaut I
bright flights mingle with broken lights jangle midnight dirges
sire sang opus
snagged the candystrychnine
snuggard scoundrel beat to death
leave for the eagle-ish Vultures
ipsofacto upsmanship broth stained hair pulled
from its plug jackal snickles at worms born from cocoons
in gales frigid low tight locked temperates
no strobe no seizure no aura no brain cyst worriedness
scult enormous teeth odder shrill than deadened Chrysanthemums
weights as much as a feather monster muttering Earthly alphabets
collecting non-events within a folded flag double whiskey disordered
the wheezing mourning mailbox leaking bullets
capture ears in a jar already half-filled with Luciferin
ahead of the future a little twig is breaking necks off of populations.











Heath Brougher is the co-poetry editor of Into the Void Magazine. He is a multiple Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net Nominee and his work has been translated into journals in Albania and Kosovo. He was the judge of Into the Void’s 2016 Poetry Competition and edited the anthology Luminous Echoes, the proceeds of which will be donated to an organization which helps prevent suicide/self harm. He published three chapbooks in 2016, one full-length collection, About Consciousness (Alien Buddha Press), in 2017, and has 3 full-length collections forthcoming in 2018. His work has appeared in Word For/Word, Chiron Review, Otoliths, Epigraph Journal, Cruel Garters, Brave New Word, MiPOesias, Taj Mahal Review, BlazeVOX, and elsewhere.