Chad Edison Ritchie

“Darkest Emerald”: an experimental film



Chad Edison Ritchie was born and raised on the outskirts of Baltimore, Maryland in 1980.  After working in pharmacy for eight years, he realized his love for filmmaking, and spent the next two years taking film editing classes and preparing his move to New York. In 2006, at the age of 26, that passion for the arts led him to Staten Island, where he cultivated his own media distribution and liquidation company. Four years later, his first feature film, Fields of November, was screened at the the 2010 Staten Island Film Festival. His second film, Project October, premiered at the 2012 New York City Horror and Exploration Film Festival where it won the award for best feature film. 

Over the years, he began building his own style of directing improvisation by outlining plot and summary, but letting his cast take the lead with dialog. He prefers the reality and emotion he can get out of actors when they speak from their hearts, and loves to capture the off guard, true reactions from people hearing things for the first time. This style of directing becomes fully realized in his most recent feature film, Forgetting July, due for release in 2018.

In 2015, Ritchie began studying conceptual art and experimental filmmaking. That Moment We Met was his first such film, a 9-minute short created in the style of hand-drawn, frame-by-frame animation. His second experimental film, titled Bright Contrast, is another short, which is described by Ritchie as “an abstract juxtaposition of a mysterious voice mail and a lonely, rainy night.” Made in 2016, its run time of 7 minutes was composed using a cell phone and monochrome CCTV footage. Ritchie’s 2017 experimental film, Darkest Emerald, is a highly conceptual piece dealing with the appropriation of obsolete home video format, and pan-and-scan technology.

Ritchie’s other passions include making both music and mixed media art. These, along with information about his films, can be found on his website


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