Bob Katrin





Lao tse, my instructor said, says, “Keep moving.”
Easy for them to say both Lao tse and my instructor
When suddenly in my life my legs didn’t work like
They used to.
So in a class of somewhat equally bumfuzzled oldies
I do the Tai Chi walk and watch in earnest admiration
As the teacher goes through the motions he must have
Repeated at least ten thousand times that I marvel at
and mimic amateurly thinking this will take forever
To learn.
Outside the windows of our exercise room I watch
Machines getting as much exercise as the exercisees.
And wonder why they need all that stuff when all they
Have to do is use their bodies the only equipment
Needed to do Tai Chi thousands of years old and still
Not obsolete as tons of these machines will go to the
Scrap heap or appear on Craig’s list because their
Owners have lost their shine to them or just given up
On the latest of a long, immensely long, line of exercise
Gimmicks that we in the modern world utilize so we
Can spend money on the latest state of the art whatcha
Macalit that’s no better then the ancient watchamacalits.


Bedtime Sustainability

We have the Founding Fathers but where are the Founding Mothers?
And what did the father’s find? They found the mother’s and they
Got together to make the U.S.A. that was all alone minding its
Business—all beautiful and spacious skies and they made it what it is
Today. Oh yeah! But when the couples were young, they began to put
Things aside for posterity, for you an me, some wild lands, parks, beaches
And stuff. What the developers can’t get at around the corner from the 100
Outlet mall with more junk than you ever need so you can throw it out and
Get some more filling the land with dumps near 7-11’s stocked with enough
Beer to fill a lake with those giant carp, the ones the Chinese didn’t want
Because they weren’t fond of the taste and thought we might like them, but
The carp liked it here so much that they prospered and multiplied just like
The founding mothers and fathers. The Carp’s favorite food is those big,
Juicy, American catfish—the kind you see being wrestled with in the warm
And muddy lakes, ponds, and rivers of the American South. Where you
Watch on TV big, brawny sons and daughters of the founding mothers and
Fathers playing catch and release throwing them back in the water so the
Carp can eat them. And when they’ve had their fill, they’re so glad to see
Americans who’ve rescued them from the unappreciative Chinese that they
Jump six feet high in the water landing in our boats, injuring themselves and
Dying. Taking advantage of the tragedy we gather them up and grind them
Into feed and imitation crab meat that tastes just like the real thing, to sell
Back to the Chinese that helps us maintain our trade balance. You see how
Everything worked out and all because of the founding fathers and mothers
Who found themselves in the U.S.A with the loaves and fishes.


Christmas List

Dear Santa,
Please bring me a:
Linear-acting controllable pneumatic
Actuator and motion control apparatus
Including a field responsive medium
And a fault tolerant active current sharing
Apparatus for reduction of call set up time.
A broadband spectroscopic rotating compensator
Ellipsometer with fault tolerant active
Current sharing, and a Suksdorfin analogs
Synthetic DNA sequencer having enhanced
Insectisidal activity, and a nucleic acid
Mutant encoding human carboxypeptidase

Thank you,
Sincerely yours,
Mary Shelly





Says Bob Katrin:

“Born to a working class, mixed immigrant family in Bkly’n NY and now living, over half my life, in the one of the ultimate Bourgeois towns in America, Southern Pines, NC. If I’m lucky maybe I won’t have to die here.”