Ben Balas

“The Cave”

the cave


“Quiet Please”

Quiet, Please.





“The Voyage of the St. Adjutor”

The Voyage of Saint Adjutor!






The work  of Ben Balas of Akron, Ohio is entirely made up of scotch tape, two-sided tape, coloring books and masking tape. It is a “tape transfer” method of collage that pulls the images, lines, shades, shapes, forms  and tooth of the paper off of the coloring book page sticking to the tape which is then then reassembled in great detail and in many transparent layers. In effect it is 2-dimensional sculpture. It is called “ghosting” as it leaves a faint image or “ghost” behind of the peeled off particular coloring book page. This bio is being written by his double-agent-artist-friend and gallery representation for surely a “genius” would not have to promote his own work with shameless self-promotion. And besides, he is indeed somewhat of a recluse, albeit a brilliant and undiscovered unknown artist and he doesn’t know that I am doing this. True story! How’s that for experimental?