AOM |Issue 7| 2019

Oceanarium, Trained Dog by Susan April

Editor: Drew B. David

© 2019 AOM contributors




Experimental Music

antiochus|“The Space Between Venus and Mars”

Ethan Ham| “Red Eccentria” |+| Maxwell Senteney| “Randy”


Art & Visuals

Jason Ly| Five Visuals |+| Claude Smith|Three Visuals

Meeah Williams| Two Visuals |+| Cynthia Yatchman| Three Visuals

Janyce Oliveira| One Visual |+| Terry Wright| Five Visuals

JJ D’Onofrio|One Visual |+| Susan April| Three Visuals

Edward Supranowicz| Two Visuals |+| Jessica Hagy|Five Vispos

Daniel de Culla|Four Visuals |+| J.I. Kleinberg|Five Found Word-Collages


Daniel Romo|Five Erasure Poems|+|József Bíró|Seven Visuals

Chris Stephenson|Five Collages|+|William Paul Plumlee|Five Visuals

Michael Brandonisio| One Collage|+|Sam Gilpin|One Visual

Richard Kostelanetz|Three Visuals|+|Jeff Bagato|Five Asemic Pieces

David Chirot|Six Visuals|Six Visuals|Five Visuals

Arvo Steinberg|One Visual|+|Mark Young|Four Visuals



Luke Kuzmish| Two Poems|+|Sam Gilpin|One Poem

Li Lu|Five Poems|+|Trace Fleeman y Garcia|Six Poems

Daniel Y. Harris| Three Pieces|+| Glenn Ingersoll|Four Poems

Heath Brougher| Six Poems|+| Daniel F. Bradley| Five Poems

Irene Koronas|Three Poems|+| Kevin DeMello Schutt|Three Poems

Hayden Rigby|One Poem|+|Callan Latham|One Poem


Jan Wiezorek|Two Poems|+|Michael Trussler|One Piece

Laura Hiserodt|Two Poems|+| Cleo Henry|One Poem

Bud R. Berkich|Five Poems|+|Edward Wells |Seven Poems

Michael Bagwell|Three Poems|+|Jeff Bagato|One Poem

Dakota Han Wi|One Poem|+|Mark Morgan, Jr.|Four Poems

Bradley Earle Hoge|Five Poems|+|Mark Young| Five Poems



bart plantenga| “Flame Wars 2.0”|+|Arvo Steinberg|“Oil Your Teeth”

Aurora Dimitre| “So Why Is Dahmer The Monster?”

Michael Aliprandini|“Have You Seen This Man?”