AOM |Issue 4| 2018

Editor: Drew B. David

© 2018 AOM contributors

C O N T E N T S | I S S U E  4


Bart Plantenga |Chronicle of A Writer’s Group| “Barely Bearable Unbearable” |PDF

Mark Staniforth | “Fluxcup18: An Aleatogeographical Odyssey”

Joe Balaz| “Pidgin in the Literary Crosscurrents”


  David Felix|Three Vispos|+|Nico Vassilakis|Two Vispos

Daniele Virgilio|One Visual||+| Kon Markogiannis| Three Pieces

Kellyn Elson| Five Asemic Pieces|+| Duncan McPherson| One Asemic Piece

Ian Strang|Illustrated Piece |+|Colin Whitworth|Two Visuals

Milivoj Kostic-Kole| Five Drawings |+|Bart Plantenga |Two Visuals

Hank Lazer|Two Pieces|+|Richard Vyse| Three Paintings|+|Gerard Sarnat|Visual Piece

Arvo Steinberg|Two Visuals|+|RCBz|One Postcard|+| John M. Bennett| Three Vispos

Mark Young|Two Visuals|+| Kate LaDew|One Visual

Jeff Bagato| Six Glitch Stills|+|Richard Kostelanetz| Concrete Poetry Sequence

Rick Fischer|Two Photographs|+|Jim Leftwich |Shredded Text Scans|Bag Texts

Marina Salmaso|Three Visuals|+|Roberto Keppler|One Vispo

David Baptiste Chirot|“Asemic Blue Sky Writing| Eleven Vispos|Six Vispos

Thomas Gresham|Two Pieces|+| Daniel De Culla| Four Visuals

Michael Ley| One Visual|+| Daniel F. Bradley|One Visual & Two Photographs

Allan Bealy|Five Collages|+|Doren Robbins|Four Visuals

Experimental Film & Music|New Media

Arvo Steinberg w/Choisir le pire| Noise/Ambient Track |+| Daniel F. Bradley| Two Gifs

Jeff Bagato| “Silenced Scribes”|+|Karyna Azlanova| “Sleep Video”

Jared Lynch| “Kevin Finds a Seminar About Bible Prophecy in the Dumpster”: a video


Kelly Ann Jacobson| “Hades”: a short story

Poetry|&|The Uncategorizable

Edward A. Dougherty|Five Hybrid Poems|+| John M. Bennett|Five Poems

Paul Smith| Two Poems |+|Zoe Sîobhan Howarth-Lowe|Two Poems

Halah Alsenan|One Poem|+| Cassandra Jarin| One Poem

John Patrick Robbins|Four Poems |+| Mark Young | One Poem

Doren Robbins|Four Poems|+| Anna Cates|Five Poems

Joshua Smith| Four Minimalist Poems|+| Emma Neale|Three Poems

Ryan Quinn Flanagan|Five Poems |+| Jacqueline M. Pérez| Two Erasure Poems

Edwards Wells II| Six Poems|+|Michael Prihoda| Five Redacted Poems

 R. Gerry Fabian|Three Poems |+| Joshua Allen|One Piece

Doug Bolling|One Poem|+|Sage Marshall|Five Poems

Bud R. Berkich|One Poem|+|Jeff Bagato|Four Poems

*|All images can be enlarged by clicking on them.|